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The Power of Compounding

The Magic of Multiplication Whenever you Invest some amount let say, $100 in any instrument for example a Debt Fund, Giving a Return of 10% p.a.You Get $10 as Interest for the First YearBut what if you do not Take our this Interest....You Investment in second year will be $100+$10 which you got as Interest of First Year, and Next Year you will also get Interest on this Extra $10 and Total Interest for the

Build Your Wealth

Speculation The part to wealth creating lies in sensible investing.Traditionally stock market have been viewed with suspicionA lot of people have lost a lot of money in trading and speculation of stocksSpeculation is a high risk affair and is different from investingIf speculation is done for instant gratification without having to do any work then it is more like to be gambling Do not Play with Market! When you are playing with the market like

How to Make Money From Stock Market

Let's Understand a Fact Most of us Invest our Money in Banks, FD's, Mutual Funds, G-Sec, and Other Financial Instruments...But How do these Instruments Give us the Returns?The answer is : They Pool the Money and Invest the whole amount in " Stock Market "So the Thing to understand is that Why Not to Directly Invest your Money in Stock Market and Get Higher Returns ? A Concern with Most of My Clients Will investment
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